Physical Property Management Unit


Develop  and maintain  physical  infrastructure  and provide  all information  relating  to physical property of NASC


The main functions of PPMU are as follows:

•    Formulate  effective  facilities  management  strategies,  policies  and  plans  and accordingly

•   Prepare maintenance plan and act accordingly

•    Coordinate  all  facilities  management  activities  within  NASC,  including  the buildings and grounds, central bookings, hostel facilities, transport, energy supply and electricity and generator system to ensure the efficient and effective operation of all NASC activities

•   Maintain up to date records of all physical properties of NASC

•    Manage and maintain renting system of physical properties including auditorium, seminar and conference halls, class room and other properties.

•    Manage  and  maintain  garden,  parking  space,  canteen  and  other  public  space within NASC compound

•   Manage and ensure timely printing and copying service required in NASC

•   Manage security of NASC property and premises

•    Monitor, on a monthly basis, operational aspects of the various NASC facilities and to produce a monthly report for NASC management

•   Perform other functions related to physical property management of NASC.

Key Result Area

•     Physical facility management of NASC

•     Record system of physical property of NASC

•     Transport system of NASC

•     Energy and electricity supply of NASC


Key Performance Indicators

•   Status  of  physical  facility  e.g.  transport,  electricity,  gardening  management  of NASC

•   Status of NSAC building and other properties

•    Status of income generation of NASC through rent of auditorium, semiar halls, training rooms and hostel