Inventory / Store Section


The store section ensures systematic and proper inventory and supply of goods at NASC



The main functions of Store are as follows:

•   Maintain up to date  records, and issues goods from store;

•   Prepare routine correspondence regarding back orders or and supply problems;

•   Coordinate / suggest the auction of surplus or unwanted property;

•   Ensure up to date ledger and store inventory;

•   Update depreciation register of fixed assets of NASC;

•   Undertake physical verification of goods;

•    Ensure that employees return back the goods after they have used for particular field visit or other purposes

•    Issue goods clearance  certificate  to the retired or left employees  whether there have any goods, materials un-perishable in their name.

•   Assist internal and external auditors in audit.

•    Enter  goods  in  Inventory  Register  received  from  Procurement  Unit  and  or received on grant.

•   Verify inventory records of assets procured or received from grant assistance.

•   Receive and verify quantity and quality of goods;

•   Verify the item or goods with master data

•    Assure valid inventory quantities throughout the system for all      inventory items and locations

•   Coordinate / suggest the sale or auction of surplus property;

•   Take care of goods in the store.

•   Check and verify assets ledger with account and balance ledger of finance unit.

•   Help for physical verification of goods and assets of NASC;

•   Perform other functions related to store.


Key Result Area

•     Record management of goods and equipment at NASC

•     Supply system of goods and equipment at NASC

•     Up to date ledger and inventory of NASC’s property with depreciation


Key Performance Indicators

•   Status of goods and equipment at NASC

•   Supply status of goods and equipment at NASC from store

•   Inventory status of goods and equipments both perishable and non perishable

•   Status of time taken to get goods and equipments from store