Internal Administration Unit


Manage day to day administrative functions of NASC other than specified for other units.



The main functions of IAU are as follows:

•   Assist the work of other departments / groups / units where necessary and appropriate

•   Manage  secretariat  of  Governing  Council,  Executive  Committee  and  Executive

Director of NASC

•   Draft agenda for meeting and decision, if necessary, and circulate decisions

•   Follow-up the implementation of decisions

•   Perform functions related to outside agencies

•   Manage reception and information desk of NASC

•   Coordinate and undertake legal affairs related to NASC

•   Undertake other general administrative functions not falling in other units

Key Result Area

•   Secretarial service

•   Meeting management

•   Legal affairs

•   External relations


Key Performance Indicators

•   Timely available of specified service

•   Timely available of logistics for meetings

•   Agenda and decisions drafted on time

•   Visitors satisfied with reception

•   Legal matters handled on time