Human Resource Management Unit


Ensure the availability, retention and utilization of a competent and committed workforce following a just and fair HRM system in NASC.


The main functions of HRMU are as follows:

•    Formulate strategies, policies and plans for the unit consistent with NASC’s primary objectives, values statement, strategies and policies

•   Assess staffing standard time to time and take appropriate actions to rationalize HR needs of NASC

•    Planning,   recruitment   and   selection   of   all   kinds   of   employees-   permanent, deputation,   temporary,   full-time   and   part-time,   necessary   for   the   successful operation of all activities of NASC

•    Develop and manage staff development plan in order to ensure that staff are given the opportunity to improve knowledge and skills so as to improve their contribution to the work of NASC

•   Selection and nomination of employees for training and maintain their records

•    Ensure  that  performance  evaluations  are  conducted  uniformly  and  regularly  in accordance with established evaluation policies and procedures and supply timely performance reports for promotion purposes

•   Maintain sound and productive labour relations in NASC

•   Update and maintain full employee records

•   Sanction leaves of employees

•    Transfer  and  placement  of  employees  following  a  right  man  in  the  right  place approach

•   Undertake HR audit once in a year

•   Assure observance of code of conduct, ethics and discipline by employees

•   Issue prior notice to retiring employees and sanction resignation of employees

•   Forward attendance and  leave record of employees to finance unit for payment

•   Arrange for retirement benefit payments

•   Review employee rules time to time

•   Prepare budget and report to senior management on unit activities

•   Undertake other HR related activities


Key Result Area

•     HR Plan

•     HR Audit

•     Performance evaluation

•     Human resource development


Key Performance Indicators

•   Timely fulfillment of vacant position by recruitment, deputation and promotion

•   Updated HRIS

•   Observance of personnel rules by employees

•   Absence of industrial dispute

•   Implementation status of HR Strategy and policy of NASC