Finance and Accounting Unit


Compile  and  analyse  financial  information  for  NASC  and  manage  budget  to achieve NASC’s goal along with maintain and control overall accounting records and prepare updated financial statements.


The main functions of FAU are as follows:

•   Formulate  strategies,  policies  and  plans  for  the  Unit  consistent  with NASC’s primary objectives, values statement, strategies and policies

•   Prepare reform proposals related to finance in consultation with ED and DED for consideration of EC

•    Prepare,  consolidate  and  analyse  financial  statements  /  information  on monthly and quarterly basis

•    Prepare  and  process  of accounting  and  other  financial  information  and dissemination of consolidated information

•    Formulate  accounting  policies  and  plans  and  issue  directives  for  their implementation

•   Prepare accounting manual and ensure its effective implementation

•    Prepare  financial  statements   including  balance  sheet  and  profit  loss accounts

•    Implement directives and suggestions made by OAG and internal auditor relating to accounting

•    Maintain  accounting  records  and  effecting  payments  relating  to  staff payroll and benefits, provident fund, staff loan and medical facility, etc.

•    Make payments relating to procurement, repair, fuel, insurance, telephone, water and electricity, advertisements, etc.

•    Coordinate and support to CPD Unit to prepare annual operational budget and programme

•   Undertake activities related to budget release from the government

•   Undertake other activities related to finance and accounting

Key Result Area

•   Financial strategy, policy and plans

•   Financial statements

•   Dissemination of financial and accounting information

•   Accounting records and payment


Key Performance Indicators

•   Implementation status of financial strategy, policy and plans of NASC

•   Preparation status of financial statement

•   Status of accounting records and payment