Corporate Planning and Development Unit


Prepare corporate plan and budget ensuring NASC’s appropriate business environment and performance, and monitor the progress.



The main functions of CPDU are as follows:

•    Manage the annual and strategic planning process, monitor progress on a quarterly basis and produce progress report in consultation with other Units

•   Prepare corporate plan both short and long term of NASC

•    Conduct a continuous assessment of Bank’s operating environment and propose remedial actions

•   Facilitate in preparation of business plans and budgets

•    Prepare annual operational budget, and ensure distribution and monitoring of the same

•   Undertake research for planning and budget

•   Prepare reform proposals in consultation with the ED for consideration of the EC

•    Prepare  and  publish  annual  report  of  NASC  and  ensure  its  distribution  in appropriate time

•   Prepare budget and report to senior management on departmental activities

•   Perform functions related to National Training Policy and standards

•   Undertake feasibility study of non-conventional areas of NASC

•   Network with National Training Institutions

•   Represent Good-governance Committee in MOGA

•   Undertake functions related to international relations

•   Undertake other planning and monitoring related activities


Key Result Area

•     Strategic planning

•   Corporate plans, business plans

•   Annual report

•   Annual operational budget

•   Research works (planning)

•   Networking with training institutions


Key Performance Indicators

•   Status of planning, monitoring of NASC activities

•   Status of corporate plan and business plan of NASC

•   Satisfaction of clients

•   Number of new plans and programs designed