Centre for Project Management (CPjM)

Centre for Project Management



As a centre, the main objective of Centre for Project Management (CPM) is to enhance the capacity of public sector organizations in identifying, formulating, implementing and controlling development projects through providing training, research and consulting services, including:

•       Identify training needs of clientele organizations in areas of project management,

•       Design and develop short and long training programs to address needs of those organizations,

•       Design and undertake various research and case study in areas of project Management to help make decisions and improve efficiency and performance,

•       Undertake consulting services for clienteleorganizations in areas of project management,

Major Functions

The major functions of CPM are described in terms of functional and thematic streams. Each is describes below.

Functional Streams

CPM has core functional streams in the area of project management. They are as follows:

•       Organizing 30 working days Training programs on Project Management,

•       Conducting training need assessment of employees who are involved in planning and managing project in public sectors,

•       Organizing short term training on project planning and management,

•       Evaluations of training programs organized under the centre,

•       Consultancy functions for delivering specific deliverables toclienteleorganizations in its thematic areas,

•       Research functions in areas of project planning, management and evaluation.

Thematic Streams

•       Project Proposal Development

•       Feasibility Study

•       Logical Framework

•       Environmental Impact Assessment

•       Social Impacts Assessments

•       Management of Public Private Partnership projects

•       Project Risks Management

•       Microsoft Project Software Application

•       Project Sustainability

•       Project Management