Centre for Procurement Management (CPM)

Centre for Procurement Management


The main aim of the Centre is to make public organizationscapable inmanaging procurement and contract through providing training, research and consulting services. The specific objectives are to:

•       Identify training needs of clientele organizations in areas of procurement and contract management

•       Design and develop training  programs to address needs of those organizations

•       Design and undertake various research and case study in areas of procurement and contract management to help make decisions and improve efficiency and performance

•       Undertake consulting services for clienteleorganizations in areas of procurement and contract management

Major Functions

The major functions of Centre for Procurement Management are described in terms of functional and thematic streams. Each is describes below.

Functional Streams


Functional streams of Centre for Procurement Management are as follow:

•       Organizing focused training programs on procurement and contract management

•       Conducting training need assessment of employees who are involved in procurement and contract management functions of projects and implementing agencies.

•       Evaluations of training programs organized under the Centre

•       Consultancy functions to deliver specific results of clienteleorganizations in its areas

•       Research functions in areas of procurement, contract management and program evaluation

Thematic Streams

•       Public procurement act and regulation

•       Procurement management of works

•       Procurement management of Goods

•       Procurement of consulting services

•       Procurement guidelines of Asian Development Bank and World Bank

•       Contract management

•       FIDIC introduction

•       E-Bidding

•       Claims situations

•       Procurement ethics