Centre for Climate Change Management (CCC)

Centre for Climate Change Management (CCC)

The main objective of CCC is to conduct training, research and consultancy services for the public and private organizations and their officials to impart updated knowledge and skills along with development of positive attitude and aptitude towards their duty, responsibility and service delivery in the area of Environment Management, Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster and Disaster Risk Management, Climate and Hydrological Science. Followings are the operational objectives to achieve the main objectives of the centre:

•       Understand, Analyze and Emphasize the need of Disaster and Climate Risk Management; 

•       Synthesize and inherit the practices relevant to the Disaster and Climate Change Adaptation;

•       Prepare and Design the course in consultation with line agencies and International organizations working in Thematic Area;

•       Plan and maintain the quality training materials;

•       Encourage and ensure interested faculties for researching the adaptation practices successfully practiced in local context;

•       Support policy makers and decision makers with transfer of knowledge;

•       Maintain, manage and promote quality services of Climate Change and Disaster management from NASC;

•       Redefine its objectives and functions based on regular feed-back mechanism.


Major Functions
The major functions of CCC are described in terms of functional and thematic streams. Each is described below:

Functional Streams

•       Research on Climate Change and Disaster Adaptation Practices;

•       Preparation of Training Materials and Manuals;

•       Sharing of Knowledge and Skills between center and other related agencies;

•       Coordination, facilitation and quality control on its thematic area

•       Provide necessary advices to concern bodies during policy formation and implementation related with Climate Change and Disaster Management;

•       Quality Training and Consulting service on Climate change and Disaster adaptation Area.


Thematic Streams

•       Climate Change Adaptation

•       Climate Risk Management

•       Environment Management

•       Disaster Risk Management

•       Climatic Sensitivity and Sustainability

•       Other areas related to climate change and