Senior Excutive Development Program

Introduction/ Background

Senior Executive Development Program (SEDP) is a flagship program of NASC aimed to enhance the core competencies of the joint secretaries so that they can assume the leadership role effectively and make a difference in civil service. Structured on modular blocks of Leadership, Integrity, Strategic Management, Governance and Policy management with action learning in modular breaks, the program is based on organizational learning approach including interactive presentation, case based learning, syndicate discussion, individual exercise , field work and action learning sets. The program features an individual post-module action learning assignment and a group capstone project. Capstone project starts at the end of the first leadership module and ends with it. Each of the five modules is designed to offer a distinct perspective on the issues facing leaders in the public sectors and allow the participants to obtain greater appreciations of the tools and analytical frameworks necessary to understand issues and formulate solutions.


The program aims at enhancing core competencies of the Joint Secretaries to develop them as a transformational leader and integrity builder with strategic thinking and policy management skills required to strengthen governance system and improve public service delivery.



Eligibility (Qualification)

Class I Officers of GoN

Maximum Number of Prticipants