Secretary Colloquium

Introduction/ Background

Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) has been organizing various seminars and workshops for high-level officials on different topical themes for the last 35 years. Secretary colloquium is one of them .The main objective of the program is to create a forum for the high level bureaucraticleaders ,Secretaries and other Special Class officers of GoN to exchange views and share experiences and re-orient themselves with the existing policies and emergent issues and appropriate measures for developing policies, delivering effective public service efficiently in the context of change and continuity, with particular reference to the roles and challenges for the Civil Service. This program is obviously interactive and participative in its nature. The formal interactive sessions of the program begins with the presentation of a theme paper by a resource person, having rich work experiences as well as intellectual competency, followed by comments by the competent commentator having rich professional achievements and experience. The theme paper provides participants ample opportunities to review the issues and explore measures to address them by blending their real-life experiences and resources.


This colloquium aims to enrich common understanding and insights of senior level bureaucrats on political and administrative aspects of the Constitution implementation and broaden their commitments for dealing with key issues pertaining to administrative federalization, transition management and ensuring public service delivery through the different orders of the governments. It will also be a platform for brainstorming and interaction among the senior level bureaucrats and identify ways forward for federalizing the country in the spirit of the Constitution.

Eligibility (Qualification): Secretaries and Special Class Officers of GoN

Maximum Number of Participants: 60