Introduction/ Background

Over the past two decades, the concept of governance and state management has become a noticeable discussion topic in discourses on government. Nowadays, it has become mutual agenda for academicians, politicians, policy makers, service providers, and development practitioners. Traditionally, governance was identified as the power exercised by the state to accomplish country affairs. However, these days it is considered as a fundamental tool for state management. From the perspective of government, state management is not simple function of governance but is a substantial function. Different stakeholders of governance namely legislature, executive, judiciary, political parties, civil society, social organization, private sector, media and so on must work together to manage the state. In the absence of any stakeholder, state management can’t be imagined. The central purpose of this training is to enhance the capacity of government officials for applying good governance practices in work situation and manages state institutions effectively.

Eligibility (Qualification): Class II Officers of GoN

Total Number of Participants: 25