Research and Consulting

Service Rendered to: Social Development Ministry, Karnali Province

Status: Ongoing

Service Rendered to: Gandaki Province

Status: Ongoing

Project Director: Mr. Trilochan Pokharel

Program Officer: Ms. Anita Poudel

Information Technology Officer: Mr. Shashi Shekhar Acharya

Status: Ongoing

Financial Supported by: The Asia Foundation


Advisor: Mr. Khum Raj Punjali

Lead Author: Mr. Trilochan Pokharel

Team Member ( Governance Expert): Dr. Hari Dhungana

Status: Ongoing

Financial Support by: The Asia Foundation


Principal researcher: Tulasi Sharan Sigdel 

Team Member: Shiva Hari Adhikari

Research Officer: Tara Prasad Kharel


Status: Ongoing

Research Team

Punya Prasad Neupane
Trilochan Pokharel
Hari Dhungana
Trilochan Paudel
Ishwori Ghimire
Anil Gupta
Anita Poudel

Executive Summary

Status: Completed

Research Team: Dr. Raghu Bista, Mr. Ashish Rai, Mr. Pramod Niroula and Mr. Shailendra Prasad Bhatt


Efficient use of the capital budget is one of the means to bring out economic growth and development. However, in Nepal, a significant proportion of capital budget remains unspent. In this context, the present study aims to explore the overall trends patterns and causes of low capital budget expenditure. Since the study is explorative in nature 21 different key informants have been purposively selected for open-ended semi-structured questionnaire guided in-depth interview in order to dig out the inner causes behind the low capital budget expenditure of Nepal. The response from the key informants has been content analyzed to generate 11 serious categories of factors that are responsible in low spending of capital budget that include budget planning, process, cultures, ethics and integrity, Implementation Capacity Deficiency, Procurement and Contract Management, Contractors' Professionalism and Competency, Geographical Complexities and Scarcity of Construction Materials, Managerial Aspects, Insufficient Stakeholder Analysis and Management , and Monitoring and Evaluation. The findings are useful particularly for budget planning and implementing authorities including outsourcing organizations.

Key Words: Budget, Capital Expenditure, Programs and Projects, Procurement Competency

Status: Completed

Research Team: Shilu Pradhan and Anita Poudel
The study aims to identify the commitments and initiatives of GRB in Nepal, analyze the status of implementation of GRB and explore various lessons for Nepal for effective implementation of GRB initiatives. The research was carried out using the secondary data and also through primary data from key Informant Interviews of about eight stakeholders. Upon analysis of findings, it was found that a good initiative towards adopting GRB is taken by the Government of Nepal. However, various improvement areas are found for the effective implementation of the entire GRB process through the concerned authorities at Ministerial and sectorial line ministries.

Keywords: GRB, Implementation, Commitments, Nepal

Status: Completed

Research Team: Tara Prasad Kharel

Abstract :

Irrigation governance is one of the important aspects to understand the sustainability of the irrigation system. So, this study tried to provide a clear picture of the challenges of WUA of Bijayapur Irrigation System in irrigation governance. This study required qualitative data analyzed on the basis of common property regime and selected key elements of good governance. Being a case study, only two units namely WUA and irrigation development division are studied. The result obtained by the analysis shows the prevalence of the challenges faced by WUA in irrigation governance. The system (including WUA) is not economically autonomous and contains structural and non-structural issues related to the governance of the system. Stakeholders believe to increase irrigation service fee and shift of paradigm of irrigation management transfer principle to co-operative model. Furthermore, it also requires clear policy and legal provision for irrigation governance in changed context.

Kew words: Irrigation, Governance, Co-operative, WUA

Status: Completed