Message from Director

Thanks everyone for your sincere support and dedicated efforts that made the first year of our new Five Year Strategic Plan (2072-2076) a very successful one.

We have documented a successful year-2072/73, both in terms of words and numbers. This year marked the completion of more than 90 percent regular programmes and financial achievement of 93 percent. Besides training and research programmes, some notable consulting works have also been accomplished such as Organisation and Management survey of Nepal Rastra Bank, Institutional Arrangement of Government of Nepal under federal constitution for Heath, Education, Agriculture, Transport Infrastructure sectors, and Functional analysis and institutional arrangement of forest sector. This all is the result of the continuous efforts made by our dedicated, skilled and creative faculty members and associates. This year has been a roller coaster ride for NASC, facing with the challenges and finding the best solution for every challenge. We have always seen the challenges as opportunities.

We are dedicated to respond to our client's changing needs and aspirations. Our functional approach to change is not only to react towards it but also to shape it ourselves. We are determined to identify trends and generate momentum by introducing new products. We identify opportunities in the development of innovative products that are essential to our clients. Accordingly, we are in the process of redesigning training courses by identifying required competencies at each level aiming for capacity development of our clients by providing unique learning opportunities in the changed context hoping that they will be providing quality service to the people. This approach has served our purpose, and it will therefore continue even in the future by upholding this core values: Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, and Creativity and Innovation.

We are proud of the fact that we, a vibrant institution with a 34- year history, have remained a learning organisation and will persist. Considering human resources as nucleus for institutions like ours, aspiring for excelling in performance, we are making our utmost efforts to increase human capital base through acquisition of enthusiast young talents having very high academic achievement. At the same time, we are struggling for developing and retaining those talents and expanding state of art physical infrastructure to meet the continuous needs of expanding activities. However, we are investing our available efforts to conduct meaningful research in various fields to build NASC as the 'Think Tank' of the public sector.

We are upgrading our information system to encourage free flow of data in digital mode, and promote e-governance. We have initiated ensuring the availability of our training slides, research and journal in digital content for public use as a step in knowledge management. We have also increased the bandwidth of internet and set up a dedicated server for pacing our institution with similar international institutions. Thus, we are on an exciting journey.

As the only national level institution of this kind, we play a key role, together with cohorts, in developing better Nepal for the future generations through the development of competent human resources for public sector. The need for change is well understood and strides for progress have been made accordingly. We are prepared to take any responsibility and to lead the sector persistently.

Lastly, I extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude to our valued clients and staffs for their unending diligent support, encouragement and dedicated efforts to achieve our best in this roller coaster ride. I am confident in receiving the highest commitment and support from all of our family members in coming days to make our NASC, "a center of excellence".

We are on the move.
Thank you.