Published on: 11/22/2018
Iván Győző Somlai, John Karakatsoulis, Wendy Gardner, Ambika P Gautam, Sundar Prasad Sharma, Bharat Adhikari
Numerous inter-related social and institutional factors are causing concern as to effective
Volume: 28 ID: Pages: 16-35
Published on: 07/28/2015

This paper studies regional differences in currently married women’s employment status, its nature and some of the covariates in Nepal, with special focus to their education and economic status by analysing data from Nepal Demographic and Health Survey, 2011. Women’s employment, with substantial regional variation in the three ecological regions, is predominately unpaid, done mainly for family members, mostly in agriculture sector and women work throughout the year. Women are employed mainly in family farm and their job is unpaid.

Volume: 26 ID: Pages: 62-78