Nepal National Governance Survey 2017/18


Survey Team
Trilochan Pokharel- Team Leader
Hari Dhungana- Governance Expert
Keshab Kumar Subedi- Statistician and Survey Expert
Shital Moktan- IT Manager
Anil Kumar Gupta- Survery Manager

Binaya Hari Maskey
Ashish Rai
Anita Poudel
Lila Nath Sapkota
Damodar Basyal
Mishree Lal Shah

The overall objective of this survey is to create evidence for designing and improving governance at federal, provincial and local governments by generating baseline data of public perception on the state of governance in Nepal.

The following are the specific objectives of this survey:

  • Conduct a nationally representative and statistically robust survey on public perceptions of governance by drawing upon broadly defined (global) parameters and understanding of governance issues in Nepal.
  • Develop and disseminate governance survey parameters and baseline statistics through published and online publications.
  • Provide evidence-based insights for design and reform of governance for federal, provincial and local governments through analytic thematic papers, policy briefs, and dissemination.
  • Provide reference for using the insights into training packages and capacity building initiatives of NASC on public sector governance.

Sample size: 12,920 respondents (voting population 18 years and above)

Funded by: Governance Facility (