Enhancing Portfolio Management


Enhancing Portfolio Management
Duration: 16 Nov 2015 to 31 Dec 2016
Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank(ADB)

Enhancing Portfolio Performance was approved by ADB in December 2014. One of its key objectives is to establish the Capacity Development Resource Center (CDRC) to conduct training of staff of ADB-assisted projects covering ADB procedures, project implementation, and thematic topics. As agreed in the approved Technical assistance(TA), the Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) has been engaged under a TA financed contract to provide the related training program. As per the contract, the CDRC Office has been established in the NASC. The contract will be implemented from the CDRC office at NASC.

Based on the training need assessment , an indicative training calendar to be implemented through the NASC contract has been prepared up to the end of 2016. During the contract period 20 training programmes will be organized. Until May 2016, The CDRC has completed eight training programs out of the 20 programs targeted until the end of 2016, and has completed each training program satisfactorily. More than 230 staff from various ADB assisted project offices have enhanced capability in procurement management, financial management, contract management, gender equality and social inclusion and environmental and social safeguards.