Competency Mapping and Proposal for Capacity Building of Nepal Civil Service in the Federal System


Team: Khum Raj Punjali (Advisor), Basanta Raj Sidgel (Team Leader), Rajendra Adhikari (Team Member), Binod Kumar Bista (Team Member), Trilochan Poudyal (Research and Data Expert)

The overall objective of this study is to assess competency and define competency framework for civil servants in the changed context of new public governance and to recommend capacity building initiatives to meet those competencies.  Specifically, the study will have the following objectives:
1. Assess the functions of Nepal Civil Service at the three orders of the government in line with the constitutional provisions and other relevant legal documents.
2. Identify competency areas at job level–executive, managerial and operational—and sector specific—general administration and development management— for civil service in three tiers of governments.
3. Develop competency framework of civil service for federal, provincial and local governments and,
4. Recommend capacity building programme for federal, provincial and local governments and training institutions based on competency framework.
This assignment is expected to generate following outcomes.
1. The government will have reference to implement competency based human resource management systems. It may be useful for mapping institutional competencies and implement institutional development initiatives.
2. The framework will be useful for the Public Service Commission and other recruitment authorities for developing competency based recruitment systems.
3. The training institutions will have a basic framework to design capacity-building programmes.

Funded by Governance Facility