Nepal Administrative Staff College

“… devoted to making differences positively”

The Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) was set up as a national level autonomous institution on 27th September, 1982 (11 Aswin, 2039 BS) under the Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) Act, 1982.

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Sorry upcoming training isn't available right now :) We're working on to update training as soon as we can.


टहरा निर्माण सम्बन्धि सिलबन्दी बोलपत्र आवहानको सूचना
Sep 13, 2018

मसलन्द सामानहरु खरिद सम्बन्धी सिलबन्दी बोलपत्र स्वीकृतिको सूचना 


Sep 11, 2018

Message from Director

Executive Director

Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) has been on the move to develop it as a Center of Excellence in developing managerial competencies and organizational capabilities of public sector through implementation of strategic plan 2072/73 to 2076/77. As a leading public sector capacity building institution of Nepal, we have been devoted to fulfill core mandate of capacity building through training, research and consulting services following the core values of integrity, respect, responsibility, and creativity and innovation.

Coming to the successful completion of 35 years of journey since its inception, we have trained more than fifty thousand public sector officials of Nepal through various long and short-term training programs. Apart from training, the contribution in research and consultancy has also been the landmark.