Nepal Administrative Staff College

“… devoted to making differences positively”

The Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) was set up as a national level autonomous institution on 27th September, 1982 (11 Aswin, 2039 BS) under the Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) Act, 1982.

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Duration : 15 Working days
Start Date: Sep 22, 2016
Duration : 90 Working days
Start Date: Sep 22, 2016
Duration : 12 Working days
Start Date: Sep 22, 2016
Duration : 30 Working days
Start Date: Sep 22, 2016


Call for Research Proposal

As per the decision of Research Committee dated 24 Kartik 2073 (9 Nov 2016), Centre for Research and Development, Research and Consulting Services Department invites research proposal from qualified NASC officials complying the following procedures.

Second date of announcement: 24 Kartik 2073 (9 Nov 2016)
Extended date of submission: 20 Mangshir 2073 (5 December 2016)

Oct 05, 2016

Message from Director

Executive Director

Thanks everyone for your sincere support and dedicated efforts that made the first year of our new Five Year Strategic Plan (2072-2076) a very successful one.

We have documented a successful year-2072/73, both in terms of words and numbers. This year marked the completion of more than 90 percent regular programmes and financial achievement of 93 percent. Besides training and research programmes, some notable consulting works have also been accomplished such as Organisation and Management survey of Nepal Rastra Bank, Institutional Arrangement of Government of Nepal under federal constitution for Heath, Education, Agriculture, Transport Infrastructure sectors, and Functional analysis and institutional arrangement of forest sector. This all is the result of the continuous efforts made by our dedicated, skilled and creative faculty members and associates. This year has been a roller coaster ride for NASC, facing with the challenges and finding the best solution for every challenge. We have always seen the challenges as opportunities.